2020 PRE-ORDER California and Federal Labor Law Poster

2020 PRE-ORDER California and Federal Labor Law Poster

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You are placing a PRE-ORDER for the 2020 California and Federal Labor Law Poster. As is the case every year, this poster will be released once the state government has finished releasing all the necessary updates for the new year. Estimated released date will be around mid-January 2020. If you need a poster immediately, you can either purchase a 2019 poster for immediate delivery, or subscribe to a 1, 2, or 3 year subscription plan that will entitle you to a current poster and a brand new poster when mandatory changes occur.

Our 2020 California and Federal Labor Law Poster contains the following:
  • CA Unemployment Insurance Benefits (07/18)
  • CA Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave (07/18)
  • CA Transgender Rights (05/18)
  • CAL/OSHA  Safety and Health Protection on the Job (08/19)
  • CA Discrimination & Harassment is prohibited by Law (06/18)
  • CA Minimum Wage (Updated until 2018)
  • CA Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee (06/17)
  • CA Workers  Compensation Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused By Work (01/16)
  • CA Whistleblowers  Protection Act (12/15)
  • CA Family and Medical Leave (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability (06/17)
  • CA Access to Medical and Exposure Records (1/15)
  • CA Healthy Families Act of 2015 - Paid Sick Leave (11/14)
  • CA Emergency Phone Numbers
  • CA Employee Time Off for Voting
  • CA No Smoking Sign
  • CA Pay Day Notice
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act (08/16)
  • Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (08/16)
  • Federal Family Medical Leave Act (04/16)
  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (11/09)
  • Federal USERRA (07/17)
Disclaimer: The Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order Poster is required for ALL California employers and is NOT included within the combination poster. The reason it is not included is because each employer falls under a different industry or occupation category, as well as sizing requirements. In addition, certain localities and municipalities may require additional posters as well.

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