2022 California and Federal Labor Law Poster - $24.95
2022 California and Federal Labor Law Poster - $24.95

California and Federal Labor Law Poster

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Important: In addition to the California and Federal Labor Law Poster, the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order Poster is also required for ALL California employers and must be purchased separately. The IWC Poster has been updated for 2021 and is NOT included within the California and Federal Combination Labor Law Poster because of 1.) sizing restrictions, and 2.) each employer in California falls under a specific industry or occupation category (there are 16 different ones).  In addition to the IWC, certain localities and municipalities may require additional local posters.

March 29, 2021 Important Update: 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave: Covered Employees in the public or private sectors who work for employers with more than 25 employees are entitled to up to 80 hours of COVID-19 related sick leave from January 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, immediately upon an oral or written request to their employer. The required notice must be displayed where employees can easily read it. If employees do not frequent a physical workplace, it may be disseminated to employees electronically. Although this TEMPORARY notice is not included in our combined state and federal poster, you may CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH or CLICK HERE FOR SPANISH 8.5" x 11" printable formats, or purchase the our bilingual laminated 12" x 18" version by CLICKING HERE

Our 2022 California and Federal Labor Law Poster measures 24" x 36" and reflects the $14.00 (for 25 or fewer employees) and $15.00 (for 26 or more) per hour minimum wage and contains the following 2022 CHANGES:
  • CA Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee (12/2020) - NEW FOR 2022
  • CA Family and Medical Leave (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability NPLA (12/2020) - NEW FOR 2022
  • CA Discrimination & Harassment is prohibited by Law (01/2021) - NEW FOR 2022
  • CA Transgender Rights (12/19 for English and 01/2021 for Spanish) - NEW FOR 2020 (and a 2021 Spanish-only update)
  • CAL/OSHA  Safety and Health Protection on the Job (04/2021) - MARCH 29, 2021 UPDATE
  • CA Unemployment Insurance Benefits (07/18) - NEW AS OF AUG 2019
  • CA Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave (12/2020) NEW FOR 2021
  • CA Minimum Wage (12/2020) NEW FOR 2022
  • CA Workers  Compensation Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused By Work (01/16)
  • CA Whistleblowers  Protection Act (12/15)
  • CA Access to Medical and Exposure Records (04/2020)
  • CA Healthy Families Act of 2015 - Paid Sick Leave (11/14)
  • CA Emergency Phone Numbers
  • CA Pay Day Notice
  • Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act (08/16)
  • Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (08/16)
  • Federal Family Medical Leave Act (04/16)
  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (11/09)
  • Federal USERRA (07/17)
Not included within the combination poster is the Notice of Inspection by Immigration Agencies. Employers are required to provide notice to employees of any inspection of I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms or other employment records by an immigration agency by posting a notice within 72 hours of receiving the notification of inspection. Click on the respective language for a free download in English and Spanish

Not included within the combination poster is the Employees Time Off to Vote notice to employees and notice to employers. Not less than 10 days before every statewide election, every employer shall keep posted conspicuously at the place of work, if practicable, or elsewhere where it can be seen as employees come or go to their place of work, a notice setting forth the provisions of section 14000. Click on the respective language for a free download in English and Spanish

Download the Los Angeles City Minimum Wage, displaying new rates effective July 1, 2020. (Next update will be July 1, 2021) Click here for ---> ENGLISH ---> SPANISH

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