2024 California IWC Wage Order Poster - $19.95
2024 California IWC Wage Order Poster - $19.95

California IWC Wage Order Poster (2024)

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UPDATED for 2024: Required to be posted by ALL California Employers in all places of business within the state pursuant to the California Labor Code Section 1183 (d)
Newly updated for 2024, the Industrial Welfare Commission Order or IWC Wage and Occupation Order regulates the working conditions as well the hours and wages of a particular industry or occupation group. Below are the different industries or occupations broken down by specific orders. 
(1) Manufacturing Industry
(2) Personal Services (gyms, hair and nail salons, massage parlor, etc)
(3) Canning, Freezing & Preserving Industry
(4) Professional, Technical, Clerical & Mechanical Occupations (office work, agencies, firms, associations, professional/semiprofessional, managerial, non-profit, public employees, etc.)
(5) Public Housekeeping Industry (Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Board and Care, Storage, Grounds Maintenance, Schools with dormitories (schools without dorms select IWC #04), etc)
(6) Laundry, Linen Supply, Dry Cleaning, and Dyeing Industry
(7) Mercantile Industry (Retail & Wholesale)
(8) Industries handling products after harvest (Off The Farm)
(9) Transportation Industry
(10) Amusement & Recreation Industry
(11) Broadcasting Industry
(12) Motion Picture Industry
(13) Agriculture Products for Market (On The Farm)
(14) Agricultural Occupations (Field Workers)
(15) Household Occupations (Day Workers/Employees of Private Households/Caregivers Employed by Agency or Family)
(16) Occupations in Construction, Mining, Drilling, Logging, Landscaping Industry
Poster dimension is 24" x 36". 
If you are unclear as to which IWC Wage Order your business or organization falls under, please feel free to call us at 1-866-877-2377, or visit the link below which contains a description of each Wage Order, and an alphabetical glossary of common types of industry and occupations along with their corresponding Wage Order:

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