2024 Colorado and Federal Labor Law Poster - $24.95
2024 Colorado and Federal Labor Law Poster - $24.95

Colorado and Federal Labor Law Poster

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UPDATED 2024: In addition to a new version of the Workplace Public Health Rights Poster revised in mid-June 2023, the new COMPS Order #39 Poster containing the updated minimum wage of $14.42 an hour, and updated law summary is also included in this 2024 version. A new Discrimination Notice that adds Marital Status as one of the protected classes was revised in October 2023. However, please be advised that the Notice to Employer of Injury Workers Compensation (WC50) has been removed and is available as a separate 27" x 40" poster due to posting size requirements. (Scroll below to the related items to find this required notice.)

UPDATE FOR JANUARY 2024: Beginning 2024, benefits of the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) will begin, and will provide paid time off for covered "life" circumstances. The REQUIRED program notice was updated in December 2023.

Measures 24" x 36", printed in color, and laminated on both sides.
Contains the following notices for private sector employers:
  • CO Minimum Wage 2024 ($14.42 per hour)
  • FAMLI (Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance) - NEW (January 2024)
  • CO Workplace Public Health Rights (Paid Leave, Whistleblower & PPE) (Revised 07/14/2023)
  • CO Anti-Discrimination Act *includes new Crown Act (Revised 10/2023)
  • CO Discrimination in Public Accommodations *includes new Crown Act (10/21)
  • CO Discrimination in Housing (Rev. 10/2023)
  • CO Employment Security - Unemployment Insurance 
  • CO Notice to Employer of Injury Workers Compensation (Available as a separate poster due to posting size requirements)
  • CO Pay Day Notice
  • Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • Federal Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Federal Family Medical Leave Act
  • Federal OSHA Job Safety and Health
  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity - Know Your Rights (Rev. 10-20-2022)
  • USERRA (Rev. 06-2022)
*Public Sector version available upon request
*Discrimination in Housing Poster available HERE.

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